Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A week in photos

I caved in and brought myself the floral trousers from Zara. These make me very happy when I wear them! | We still have so much easter chocolate that is screaming for me to 'eat me!' | A tiny sneak peak into a little detail for our wedding | My invitation to my surprise hen do next weekend came through the post designed by the lovely best friend & bridesmaid Alice Perry | My mum came to visit me, whilst my fiancĂ© was on his stag do. We had a lovely lunch in Winchester | We also went to the new SeaCity museum in Southampton to visit the Titanic exhibition! 
Wedding countdown..... 31 days!

In a few weeks time, me and my fiancé are going to have to pack up our lives and head back to Devon for a few weeks so that we can concentrate on getting married. Once we have officially tied the knot, it will be only a few days till we head off to Australia, to start our new life together.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't stressing out, but wouldn't anyone in this situation? I managed to sell my Fiat 500 within 24 hours of putting in the classifieds, which was amazing but was also a sad time for me, as I loved that car. However it is one less thing for me to think of! I need to keep focusing on what is to come, and the sacrifices that we are putting into this, that will be worth it.

I am going to cherish the next two weeks, as it is literally the calm before the storm. I am planning on taking a few days to put pencil to paper,  as it is one of the only ways where I can chill out... so expect lots of illustrations on this blog in the next few weeks.... as after that I might go quiet whilst we settle into our new life!

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