Friday, 22 June 2012

Great Ocean Road: Lorne

I am going to have to apologise as this blog is going to turn into a travel journal... I promise to bring a bit more variety onto the blog as soon as we have settled into our new home, and have got our broadband set up. I have missed updating this blog daily, so I will resume as soon as I can! 

We managed the weekend just gone, to do the start of the Great Ocean Road and head down to Lorne. It is absolutely stunning, and it was one of those moments where Alex & I realised how lucky we are to experiencing this. It was raining one second, and sunny the next which created the most beautiful Rainbow's that framed the most beautiful settings. We are really excited to explore the rest of this road, however it might have to wait until we take a few days off... and we might wait for a bit more sunshine!

However for now, you will be inundated with photos from Australia ;) 

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