Friday, 1 June 2012

Our Wedding Video Teaser

I can not believe it was 2 weeks today that me and Alex got married. Time has flown by trying to sort out our big move to Australia, that I can't keep track of the days. Up above is our wedding video teaser from Luke at Rocking Stone Weddings.

Luke was our last mintue rash decision. We found him through a talented musician Tom James, that we were originally going to hire to play at our big day, and he mentioned a videographer to me. After that I really wanted Luke to capture our day and I was on his website trying to convince Alex that we needed Luke to capture our day. It wasn't until we were finding out we were flying to Australia, that it changed Alex's mind as we both knew our minds wouldn't be 100% focused on the day and that he didn't want us to not see everything. Not only do we think he is a videographer genius, but he just fitted into our day like we had known him since forever and merged in with our friends and family.

We received the video yesterday and even though it is only 1min20 long, he has already captured the morning perfectly. We literally can not wait to see the rest. I also got my first 'you were right all along' from the husband so that was a bonus haha.

I also have some news on Australia. The visas came through on Monday and we are flying tomorrow. I am a mixture of emotions. Mainly nervous and scared and I am dreading saying goodbye to my parents tomorrow. However I know once we are there we will be fine and we can start our adventure. I start my new design job, or stylists as they are known in Australia on the following Monday, so the next time I will post on this blog will be when we are living down under.


  1. I loved your video. So touching and sweet. Congratulations and best of luck in Australia. Hope to hear from you when you are settled!!

    1. Thank you Lisa :) I love this teaser video so much, I can't stop watching it!!