Saturday, 9 June 2012

So we have arrived...

So, we finally made it to Australia last Tuesday morning. The flight wasn't to bad as we slept for most of the journey! However, 22 hours in a plane is a long time though... It all went pretty smoothly until we landed and got to where we were staying for the night and realised that the driver of our taxi had left my hand luggage in the trolley that had all sorts of stuff in, including my apple laptop! LUCKILY.... He drove back and someone had handed it in with nothing missing! What are the chances! So the first few hours in Melbourne were quite stressful to say the least.

We explored St Kilda, Melbourne for the day which was beautiful and we are looking forward to going back when it's slightly sunnier! It's a bit chilly over here at the moment as it's the Australian winter.... however when I say chilly, its about 12 degrees. Ha! We drove down to Geelong the next day to our temporary accommodation for the next 4 weeks which is in such a beautiful location. Its a 2 bed apartment right on the waterfront. Geelong really reminds us of Plymouth, just nicer ha! Geelong is considered a country town, which is supposedly the largest in Victoria, just to give you an idea on the size... It has lots of nice independent shops as well as chains, with the beaches really close.

We met up with a lovely lady who showed us around the area., and helped us look at a few rental properties. We saw some lovely places and we are going to apply for a house in Geelong. It suit us perfectly and it's newly built so has all the mod cons! I'd be happy to not see a peach bathroom again....there are a fair few in Geelong. We liked Torquay but the houses were just to big for the two of us, even if the location is beautiful.

However the Torquay beaches are only 20 minutes away which is nothing really....! I start my new job on Tuesday which I am looking forward to. Will be nice to finally get settled in that aspect of the big move. It's also a bank holiday here this Monday so we have 3 days to get out & explore before I go back to work :)

We have both been struggling with jet lag, and waking up at 3am each night, however we managed to sleep all the way through till 7am this morning, so this was a bonus for us. However 'Rice Bubbles' aka 'Rice Krispies' as they are known in the UK, are a great midnight snack!

We drove to Bells beach this afternoon, which pleased the husband, as he has always wanted to go. There were a few people out enjoying the surf, however I have made Alex promise to not go out by himself to start off with, so he is looking into a local surf club. Its a beautiful location, however I am looking forward to the summer over here when the sun shows it's head!

P.S Saw my first (three in total!) wild kangaroos today... quite an exciting moment for me, even if they are considered vermin here :)

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  1. Aw hon, sounds brilliant! So glad you're settling in nicely and good luck for Tuesday. Em x