Saturday, 14 July 2012


So we are into our sixth week of living in Australia. It feels like an absolute lifetime already. Where does the time go? We have been settling into our new home, and building a wish list of the furniture that we want to buy. However Australia is mega expensive. I have read this on many a blogs and forums before getting here. However its not until you get here that you realise what they mean! I need to stop converting dollars to pounds, as it makes your heart stop for a few seconds haha! However we are settling into our new lives down under nicely. Did I mention Alex got a job?! Woo hoo! So that was another major tick off our 'to-do' list!

Thinking about:
Distance. The last few weeks have been immense in more ways than one. Our worst nightmare came true in the fact that we lost someone incredibly special and close to us. We knew that if anything like losing someone close to us, would really set in the distance that we had set between us and our families. I was incredibly proud of my husband and the way 'dealt' with the situation, if anything I was more of a wreck, and it made us realise as long as we have each other, we will be OK! I am so so lucky to have Alex by my side. I had my first moment of home sickness when I spoke to my Nana the other day. When you lose someone close to you, you instantly want to hug the ones close to you, and this is what set me off after speaking to my Nana. She means a huge deal to me, and played a huge part in who I am today.

Australian Masterchef. This might surprise people as normally I hate watching this programme back home. However the format is different in Australia, and I am rooting for a chef called 'Alice'. The fact that we saw her in Chapel St, Melbourne yesterday makes me even happier! Her iconic glasses remind me of my mums back in the 90's!

Listening to:
Gabrielle Aplin, her voice is beautiful and hypnotic! The fact that her EP is on iTunes for £1.79 makes it even better! She is also from Somerset, which is close to my home in the UK. The words of 'Home' mean a lot to me at the moment. Her video reminds me of home to, which is nice :) I miss the rolling hills and green fields!

We went into Melbourne yesterday and ate like kings. We had the most amazing hot dogs at Massive Weiners... yes you read that right, which I stumbled across in a magazine. They were amazing, Alex had a Chilli Massive Weiner (12"), and I had an Average Jo (6")...queue the jokes now! We might of had a giggle every now and then after visiting this fun establishment! We also had the most amazing Ricotta cream doughnuts as Cafe Issus... this might sound like a strange combination but oh my!

On some ideas for a new product range.. I am really missing having my iMac and scanner. However my sketchbook is getting a lot more use out of it, due to the lack of technology! I really miss my etsy shop, and I can't start running it again until our container gets here (It hasn't even left the UK yet!) However, as soon as it arrives my open sign will be back in action!

Looking forward to: 
My mum and dad coming to visit in November for a month! I might be out of the country for a week with work, however I seriously can not wait to see them. I heard the news the day after I had my first bout of home sickness. The day they told me, I was walking on air! I can not wait to show them the sounds and sights of where we have moved to.

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  1. That's a lovely song :) added it to my itunes list to buy now. Sorry for your loss, it's never nice to loose someone so close.