Thursday, 19 July 2012

Not quite feeling the bee's knee's!

Source: The Black Apple

Believe it or not, I have been off work for two days with a cold. I say believe it or not, as it was only a few weeks back (oh ok… 7 weeks back!!) that I had the worst cold I had ever encountered bordering on the flu! So I don’t think its fair that I have another case so soon! I think it might actually be the first time I have been to the doctors with an illness! It shows that I don't get ill very often... As much as I love to sleep, I hate to lie around in bed when I am awake! So these last few days have been a bit of a struggle, however I admit that I am feeling much better for it. All I can say is, thank you Apple for producing the iPad, as this has kept me entertained.

One thing I LOVE to do is browse the internet for new blogs, and I have come across some delights the past few days, which I wanted to share with you.

My new design crush is Im Breanna Rose. I love her style, her work, and her blog design! Her posts are beautiful, and captivating. I might of spent a hour or two on this blog…

I have recently got into ‘type’ or lettering to us common folk! I love the hand written style, and I have been researching lots of different styles, but my favourite so far has to be ‘The Black Apple’ I love her quirky little statement prints…   

I was introduced to the design files at work the other, its Australia’s largest interiors blog, and you can see why. Its full of interesting posts about beautiful homes in Australia and local craftsman!   

I have been lusting after a few pieces from The Oxford Trunk, this piece and this piece in particular! I also can’t forget this cute bracelet either and yes look at those prices!! Cheap aren’t they!

Not much is planned this weekend, due to feeling rubbish, however I can not wait for next weekend, as  not only is it my husbands birthday weekend, but we are also doing something that we have never done before, which I can not wait for... all will be revealed very soon... next weekend in fact ;)

p.s our container should be with us by the end of August, which means I can soon open up my etsy store again. I might also run another giveaway  as a ‘welcome back’ so keep your eyes peeled!

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