Sunday, 30 September 2012

Yellow & Grey Wedding Invitations

Photographer: Marianne Taylor
When I showed photos of our wedding invitations that I designed, I got a fair bit of interest from Brides & Grooms to be that wanted something similar for their own wedding. So, I thought I would make our 'main' invitation available to buy on my Etsy store. It is in a digital format, which means I can edit the file, so it has all the correct information in to suit you. Then I will email the digital file over to you, for you to print yourself or to get printed through a printers! You pay a one off payment, and you then have the rights to get it printed once, or a thousand times for personal use!

Head over to my Etsy shop now! 


  1. Helloooo! Wow you like MY blog?! Check yours out!! So lovely and slick and fresh!
    Congrats on selling your designs, that's wonderful :) Do love a good bit of wedding design!
    Love xx

  2. Aw Thanks Lucy for popping over and having a read :)