Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Our 'Home'

One of my favourite places in the whole wide world is home, and when I say home I mean my home in  Australia. We have been in Australia for 4 months now, and I have only just started calling our house a home. We have made a huge effort to make this house a home, and it really has worked. I love coming home after a day at work.
Me & Alex have invested in some new furniture that we will cherish for years. We have gone for quality, searching out independent local companies such as Tressel Table Co, who hand made our  dining table. This table is my favourite piece of furniture in the whole house. The fact that the owner Patrick delivered the table himself, went beyond the call of duty! This is a piece we will treasure for a lifetime.
In 6 weeks today, my parents are going to come and visit us, and I am counting down the days. Whilst they are here, we will celebrate our 6 months in Australia!! The time seems to be flying whilst we are here...


  1. Home looks wonderful and I adore the colour scheme you've chosen. It'll be so nice to have your parents over!

    K xx