Thursday, 10 January 2013

Illustration: Coco Noir

© Cathryn's Designs
I finally managed to create a new print for my Etsy shop. I think this has been on my to-do list for such a long time, its beyond embarrassing.

I have also relisted a lot of prints that had gone in-active without me realising it! Opps!

I hope you like the Chanel Noir bottle. I have done it with a black or white background so you can have a choice :) Which one do you prefer?

You can visit my Etsy shop by click here


  1. They look fantastic, I think I like the black background one best as it's really striking and dramatic xx

  2. Hi Cathryn!

    LOVE these! I can imagine many a fashion blogger would love to hang these in their bedroom or bathroom. I love both! The white background more for a bathroom and the black background for my room perhaps?

    Stay ON IT with your etsy shop as distracting as life can be!

    Did you get my blog comment reply about visiting Melbourne?

    H x

  3. Ah lovely! I saw your portfolio, oh my so awesome!!! x