Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sunny Days Outfit

IMG_4307 IMG_4293 IMG_4309 IMG_4273 IMG_4304 IMG_4278 IMG_4289

I am seriously loving the summer months in Australia. It is so nice to see the sun after a year long winter. It is amazing how the sunshine changes your mood so easily. Today was pretty hot at 36 degrees, and it is meant to be 40+ tomorrow! Phew! You can guess what I am doing this weekend!! I am also starting to get a bit of a tan, which is always nice for an english rose like me.

I am normally a t-shirt and jeans girl, but since the summer started I have started to wear a lot more shorts & skirts. This skirt being one of my favourites! It is SO easy to wear, and is perfect for those warmer days. I am not normally a pink girl, but I am loving this colour, and its so flattering. I am also in love with rose gold at the moment. It seems less harsh on my skin compared to gold...

Skirt: Target Australia | T-Shirt: River Island | Watch: Nixon | Ring: Lovisa


  1. these photos are gorgeous! the color of your skirt is perfect. love your entire outfit. also, love your little blog! going to check out more now :)