Monday, 18 February 2013


My blog has been quiet over the past few weeks as I rushed back home to the UK with my husband. We got the worst news we could possibly expect, what with being so far away. My beautiful Nana passed away at the start of February. We went back home to the UK for a week, so we could officially say goodbye to my Nana, who was such a special lady in my life. She had been fighting cancer for two and a half years. A disease that is unfortunately quite common in our family. She was so positive throughout the fight, and never complained once, and only saying to us 'I am having a bad day'. She is such an inspiration for us all. She had so much time for us all, and just spending time with us.

I had such a special bond with my Nana. She was the one and only person who made me home sick every time I called her. She said so many wise words to me, that I will use for years to come. Nana will leave a big gap in our family, as we are such a close family. It was so nice to be home, just so I could be there with the family so we could help each other along the way. It was so hard to come back to Australia, especially as I know my family have a lot to go through over the next few weeks/months. I wish I could be there for them, however it just is not possible. 

Nana would not want us to sit around and mope. She would want us to enjoy life, just like she did... with a smile on her face. So for her, this is what we will do.

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