Thursday, 18 April 2013

Seasalt Cornwall | Yellow or Navy?!

Source: Seasalt Cornwall
It is Autumn here in Australia, which means you can fill a chill in the air. My British blood has thinned out completely, as its 18 degrees here, and I am putting on a jacket!  Eek....What has happened to me?!

I have been looking for a nice light jacket to wear, to shield me from the wind and rain that is unfortunately coming my way.  Luckily I went on Seasalt Cornwall's website, and found this beauty. As you all know I love a good stripe t-shirt. I feel it is such a classic item, and Seasalt has plenty of these to choose from, which is unfortunate for my bank account.

If you happen to come across a Seasalt Cornwall shop, please stop and have a look at their windows! Each window is unique to each shop, so I have spent many a minutes looking in them. It is worth a look!

However I fell in love with the Seafolly Jacket. I absolutely love the styling, and I can picture myself  in the Cornish landscape wearing this beauty. I will have to make do with the Australian coast for now though! I love how its made out of organic cotton (always a plus for me!) and how water resistant it is!

My only issue now is, which colour?! I love how the yellow jacket makes such a bold statement, however I know that the navy will go with so much more in my wardrobe.... what do you think?

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  1. I love the yellow jacket! I know it's easy to play it safe and get navy, but think how nice that pop of yellow will be on a cold day. I totally understand that thinning of the British blood. I now live in New Orleans, and was horrified when I realised I was complaining about being cold when if I was back at home we'd consider it our Summer!