Saturday, 27 April 2013

Outfit | Blue Days

Photos: Alex May

I remember when we were coming to live in Victoria, Australia. We were told and read everywhere that you could experience 4 seasons in a day. I didn't believe this as I couldnt understand how it could happen, until we got here. Last winter I carried a wooly hat, sunglasses and an umbrella to cover all bases.

We were blessed with an amazing summer where it was pretty much over 30 degrees every day pretty much reaching 40 (gross!). Now it is officially Autumn and we are back to the inconsistent days. As I am typing this, it is a chilly grey 20 degree day. However yesterday (as you can tell from the photos) it was a gorgeous sunny (& windy) 27 degree day! This weather plays with your head, and I know its only going to get worse. It makes getting dressed in the morning pretty confusing. Hence why I had a cardigan with me when I left the house which quickly came off.

I am in love with chambray denim dresses at the moment. This one is from Glassons, and was an absolute bargain of $20 in the sale! I love a bargain. My boots are from Topshop. I am not sure if I like them... I am hoping by wearing them I will bond with them.


  1. I have so many items in my wardrobe that i need to bond with! *i love that phrase*. The weather in Cyprus is equally unpredictable sometimes and I feel like I need to have several outfit options in my bag for those just in case moments.

    1. Its frustrating isn't it? I always get it wrong!! haha

  2. Gosh, your shoes are just perfect! I like them a lot and hope you end up liking them too.

    I totally sympathize with the crazy weather. Boston goes back and forth between lovely spring days and yucky spring rain. But you look so great with your outfits, ready for whatever weather.

    On a positive note, the back and forth weather means that no sweaters get retired for a whole season.

  3. This dress is so cute on you!