Friday, 17 May 2013

Personal | 1st wedding anniversary

Photos by Marianne Taylor
This Sunday is our first wedding anniversary. I have read somewhere that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Don't get me wrong this year has been a challenge as we moved our whole lives to set up in Australia. However we have had such a fun year and its a year that we will always cherish. One thing we did which I am happy about is, that cherished who we are as a couple. We decided to focus on our relationship without the stress of children (they will come when the time is right). We have had to deal with other big life stresses that test us as a couple, and moving to the other side of the world was a biggie and still is. We have had many people questioning us when we will start a family, and we just reply 'sometime in the future' as we know it will happen then.

You would think after being with someone for 8.5 years, that you would know that person inside out. How wrong could I be. I have learnt so much about Alex this year. He is more amazing than I thought... and trust me I didn't think that was possible. Alex is my rock. This year I have learnt that no matter what life throws at us, we will be ok as we have each other and this is the main thing. It comes down to still being excited to see Alex every day, and being able to make each other laugh every day. The saddest thing is, it feels like our wedding was so long ago as so much has happened this year. The memories of our wedding day gradually fade over time, but what we are left with is an amazing relationship & friendship. We're off to celebrate in Sydney this weekend. I am excited as I have never been before. Have a great weekend everyone :)

p.s you can view more videos from our wedding here


  1. Congrats! I hope you had an amazing anniversary celebration and looked back on all the fab things you have done so far together with a giant smile. You have certainly done some major things in your first year of married life! I've been married for nearly three years now and trust me it just gets better! :)

  2. Your wedding photographs are beautiful!
    You can always renew your vowels to relive it all again ;)