Thursday, 15 August 2013

Travel | Hong Kong & Shanghai

As you can see from my dodgy iphone photo. I am currently in Hong Kong on a work trip. It is so warm yet windy here. Look at that eerie sky! I love the skyline here at Hong Kong. A photo will never truly capture it's beauty. They have a Typhoon warning here at the moment (great!) but hopefully Typhoon Utor is diverting and dying down... fingers crossed. On Saturday I am then off to Shanghai to return to Melbourne on the Thursday. Busy Bee!

Then this is the most exciting part of the next few days, a week today I will be traveling back home to the UK and seeing some friends and family for the first time in 15 months. Roll on next Friday when I get on my 23 hour flight to return home. Its going to be a tiring few days but least I will have 'home' to keep me going. I also thought to myself that next Thursday I would of been in 5 different cities in 4 different countries within 48 hours? Crazy huh?

I will be quiet this week as the internet is far and few in between as I travel around China. I will be back though with lots to talk about in a few days time! I will try to update some photos on instagram as I go (follow me I am @pencilstitches)

Have you got any exciting holidays planned in the next few months?

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