Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Adventures | Birthday Fun

Its been a bit quiet on my blog as I am in the UK for a few weeks visiting family and friends and most importantly attending my best friends wedding. The trip so far has been pretty hectic and non stop trying to see people and organising last minute details for the hen party (more to come on that later).

Last week it was my 27th birthday (eek...when did I start getting old?) and my only request was to spend a day somewhere in Cornwall with my Mum & Dad. Unfortunately my Dad had a cold so we left him in bed whilst we ventured out. We settled on a little fishing village in Port Issac where we got a nice pub lunch (oh how I miss a proper pub!) and went for a cream tea as afters. It was a bit of a cloudy day which is a bit unusual for this trip as the weather has been amazing!! The UK is trying to show us its best obviously...if only every summer was like this hey?!

I love Port Issac, its one of my favourite places in Cornwall. It is a small fishing village which has a handful of pubs & restaurants. If you want to go somewhere away from everything Port Issac is a good bet! It has no phone signal in the area so it forces you to shut off and enjoy the company you are with and take in the beautiful scenery. I love the tiny houses and roads.

My 26th year was a year that will go down as an eventful one! It was probably my toughest year yet and it's hard to put down in to words why. However this year did include settling into life in Australia, meeting some life long friends. Visiting Sydney, Adelaide and the Great Ocean Road will be huge highlights for me. Finding out what I don't want in life, and finding out what is important to me. Celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Falling in love with Coffee. Learning how much of a rock my husband is to me, and no matter where we are...as long as we are together we will be ok!


  1. It looks like such a lovely place! X

  2. Thanks Ines, it really is!! People always overlook the beauty in the UK

  3. Oh this is such a sweet post - I hope you had a wonderful birthday. You are so gorgeous Cathryn. And LOVE your Vans x

    1. Thanks Amy! I did have a great day, it was a bonus to be home for it! :)