Monday, 11 November 2013

Personal | Victoria State Rose Garden

Its been a while since I posted a non illustration post so here goes! 

The Husband & I went to visit a local house called Weribee Mansion a few weekends ago. It felt quite homely, not because I live in a mansion (I wish!!) but more due the fact it felt like a National Trust property. The grounds & house were beautiful but my favourite part had to be the Rose garden. It wasn't just any old Rose garden though, it was the Victorian State Rose Garden. Even Alex was quite impressed as there are over 5000 roses grown here. Yes I did mean to write 5000!  I had never seen so many Roses in my life in such a vast range of colours, and can I just say the smell was AMAZING!! I would highly recommend a visit to the garden, and the fact its free is a bonus!!


  1. beautiful!! roses are my favorites flowers, i don´t know why, but I think is a lovely flower

  2. They are so beautiful and the smell is gorgeous!