Friday, 22 November 2013

Personal | Handprint by Mary Nighy

I stumbled across this video over on Vogue Daily by Mary Nighy and it really intrigued me. My job is to design clothing for a well known Australian retailer and I work with clothing on a daily basis working with factories in foreign countries to produce the clothing that you wear on a daily basis. 

Somehow I feel this gets lost in translation when the customer comes in to store to buy the products which is a sad thing. I feel they do not truly understand what goes into producing a garment. It starts with the designers ideas but it is truly created by the skills & expertise of workers in the factories making each garment by hand. One of my favourite aspects of the job is visiting the factories to see the garments being made. There is no feeling quite like watching a line of workers at a sewing machine creating your design from start to finish. I love how this short video truly portrays this story that your garment has had many handprints imprinted onto that one garment.

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