Friday, 8 August 2014

Personal | The Husbands 30th Birthday

Last week my very handsome husband turned 30. Happy Birthday Mr May!!! 30 to me is such a big milestone, to my husband Alex, it was just another day. He really wasn't fussed. Luckily I took it into my own hands to well and truly spoil him!!

30 is an age where most people analyse where you are in life… or thats what I thought! However Alex completely took it in his stride and saw it as any other day. I however decided to analyse it for him ;) 

In the eye's of a traditionalist of where we should be by the age of 30 we are not doing so well. We are married, which is a big tick. However the house front & kid front is a big empty box. However in the eyes of us, we are doing good. Alex is in a position where for the first time in his life he is doing something he loves and is passionate about. Photography & Coffee! I am so proud of him for not falling in to the 'daily' trap of life and jobs. He has stood his ground and went after what he wanted. 

Not many people in this world can say they love their job, but that husband of mine can. Yes it means we have had to sacrifice a few things a long the way but I think it's entirely worth it just to hear Alex talk about his day with a smile on his face. He has changed paths and he can see a future thats bright. He is working his astra-barista off (see what I did there Alex ;) ) not just for himself but for his family too. 

We only took a few photos of the evening at Gwithian, where we set camp for the night. We also ended the day with Champers on the beach. 

p.s I heard Thirties are the new Twenties Alex… luckily I have a few years left to find that one out!! 

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