Thursday, 7 August 2014

Travel | Part 2 of the East Coast Aussie Road Trip

Photos by Alex May Photography

Yeh, yeh! I know…… I am a little bit late on the taking with this blog post but I did promise and so I shall deliver!

Our road trip around Australia and our travels around Thailand was six months ago now. I don't know where the time has gone as it has absolutely flown by. It's actually quite good leaving it a few months to look through and organise the photos from the trip as it really does take you back to those moments.

As I said in my first post which ended up at Jervis Bay, this was a trip of a lifetime. The freedom we felt whilst driving up the coast was phenomenal. I can't even begin to tell you the stress that we had on the up coming of this trip. However as each day passed, we got more and more relaxed and settled into our new lives in our Jucy Camper. If only we could be full time travellers!

This part of the trip saw us leaving the oh so beautiful Jervis Bay and heading towards Sydney. We stopped each night along the way, where we lucked in on an amazing camping spot. It was a little bit out of our way in land but it was truly amazing. We had the best pitch on the whole campsite to watch the most amazing sunset and sunrise. 

When we were planning our trip we made a list of 'must-sees & do's' that we had to do. The funny thing is, some of the best sights were the ones we stumbled across whilst getting to these must see's. Such as, we wanted to see the 'Sea Cliff Bridge' which was amazing by the way (and oh so windy!!). However what we didn't think we would get to experience is the beautiful views along the coast line and an outdoor sea water pool which was a very welcome site as it was a particularly warm day. 

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