Thursday, 14 August 2014

Travel | Part 3 of the East Coast Aussie Road Trip - Blue Mountains

© Photography by Alex May Photography
This my lovelies, was one of my favourites part of our road trip. The oh so beautiful Blue Mountains in NSW. What was funny, was we left the most beautiful scenery at the Sea Cliff Bridge to head towards the Blue Mountains via Sydney to be welcomed by long stretches of road full of nothing….! Nothing pretty and most of all nothing inspiring. Just long motorways full of industrial estates! Luckily we prepared ourselves for long stretches like this and thank god for McCafe's supplying us with Coffees along the way!

However this magnified the beauty of the Blue Mountains even more. I wasn't that fussed to visit the Blue Mountains when we were planning our trip (I would of been happy to leave it out) as I thought it would just be a load of scenery and would be a bit of a yawn-fest! How wrong could I be though. This part of the trip was one of my favourite moments. I needed life to show me what was important and to put things into perspective and this was one of those moments. 

Whilst on our travels we met all sorts of people from all over the world. Fellow travellers like ourselves and also local Aussies. When we went to visit 'The Three Sisters' we somehow managed to find ourselves on an old tourist path (me, nosey?! no!) which in turn meant we had a viewing platform all to ourselves compared to the tourist platforms which were full of people. However a lady came to join us a few minutes later and was surprised to find someone else in her 'spot'. She was a local lady and had been visiting the 'three sisters' for many, many years and told us so many stories about that spot in particular. It was so lovely to hear the history of the place from someone who truly knew it.

However, my favourite part of the Blue Mountains had to be 'The Wall'. We just randomly stopped whilst leaving the mountains to stretch our legs after seeing a sign saying viewpoint. We didn't know what to expect but I am so glad we stopped. The views were breathtaking and the photos will never do it justice. It took us a while to trek to the spot and luckily we kept going. It was good to just stop and wallow in the heat and soak up that view. 

The drive through the Blue Mountains also put into perspective how dangerous Bush Fires are. We saw all the dusty remains of the worst bush fire in history at the Blue Mountains. It was devastating to see communities wiped out within hours. The pain that must of been caused to the local people and also the local wildlife all because of mother nature doing it's thing.

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