Thursday, 21 August 2014

Travels | Part 4 East Coast Aussie Road Trip - Newcastle & Unexpected Beauty Spots

Photos by Alex May Photography
Oh hello next installment of our Aussie Road Trip Adventure!! I seem to be on a role with these travel photos. Lets hope it keeps up!

Next up was a quick stop to Newcastle, NSW for a pitstop. We had originally planned to stay a bit longer here but the husband was dying for a surf at Port Macquarie so we pressed on. We headed towards Coffs harbour (where we saw our first 'big' object. This time the banana.) and headed towards Port Macquarie so Alex could relive his youth of surfing here when had visited before.

It was turning out to be a very hot day… one of those days where you can not escape the heat unless you are in the sea. We saw on the map 'Smokey Cape' and headed for it. Luckily we managed to find it as we ended up spending a whole afternoon there having a beach day and having some much needed rest. The water was SO warm, and so turquoise. We even saw Kangaroo's on the beach! A truly Australian experience.  It was a little bit of heaven. It had a beautiful lighthouse with the most amazing look out point seeing stretches of white sandy beaches for miles.


  1. These pictures are breathtaking, my gosh. I'm on a road trip right now in Australia too and these are making me really wish we were stopping in NSW, what a beautiful place.

    Aren't the kangaroos the best? A wild one let us PET it the last time we were here. How crazy is that, it was just chillin' there while we petted it. In hindsight that was probably not the smartest thing to do because I've heard they can be pretty scary but it was a kangaroo! ha we were not about to pass that opportunity up. :)

    Hope you have a safe and fun rest of your trip! .

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