Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ashish for Topshop Sno

There is only one downside to getting married, and that is the cost!! Me and the fiance are saving like mad and cutting back on anything considered 'fun'! I know the one thing we would love to do, is go snowboarding this winter!! We didn't go last season and I know the fiance is having withdrawal symptoms!

So when I saw the Ashish collaboration with Topshop Sno, it just made that whole temptation worse, and I had to click the red cross quickly, before I clicked on 'Add to Basket'! I am in love with the slogan sweatshirts, especially the 'Piste off' and 'Chalet Come With You'! Its collections like this that make me want to get on the phone and book the holiday....! However one must resist and keep repeating to oneself 'One must save, fun is not allowed for another 6 months!"

1 comment :

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