Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Walk

Jacket: ASOS | Vest: T by Alexander Wang | Shirt: New Look | Shoes: Vans | Necklace: Tiffany & Co | Bag: New Look | Hat: Shop Girl

Where has this weekend gone? It really does fly by when you have a good one. We went into Melbourne this weekend, to go on a helicopter ride of the city. My husband was given a ticket by his old work colleagues as a leaving present (awesome present huh?!?).We had never been in a helicopter so this was a new experience for the husband and I. I can now see why the rich and famous travel via helicopter! Its SO fun. We had such an amazing view of Melbourne's skyline and I am so happy we did it. I have always wanted to learn to fly, however this has really set the seed and I am determined that I want to have a lesson or two.

My husband is currently doing a photography course, which means I am being a 'model' for him. Which is good as I am getting some great photos like the ones above. However it does mean we can not go for a walk without him shoving a camera in my face. However when I see the outcomes, I should not complain.

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