Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Personal | Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014!!

Umm... is it just me but where has 2013 gone? I am shocked to think I am writing this blog post when to think it was only yesterday I was summing up the year 2012. (You can read that here.)

But wow, what a year 2013 has been. I cannot wait to close the '2013' book and open a new book for 2014. 2013 was not the best year that I have had. As I sit here reflecting on the year, I could genuinely say it was one of the most challenging and hardest years of my life. I truly changed as a person and saw the world through a different set of eyes.

We made one of the hardest decisions to return to the UK in January 2014. I know it won't be easy settling back in and it will be a big challenge. However I am learning that Alex & I never like to take the easy or safe route. We have had mixed reactions from our friends and family about us coming home to the UK. "I think your crazy to leave Australia" or 'What will you do for work?" "Are you not going to miss the weather". And you know what...Yes, we might be crazy. Yes, we might struggle to find work, and Yes, I am sure we will miss the sunshine after 6 months of rain, but guess what... I am not going to let weather rule my life! My mantra in life (passed down from my Mum) is 'Everything happens for a reason, and it will all work out'. We made this decision for our own personal reasons and not everyone will understand them.
As we are currently on our road trip driving from Geelong to Cairns seeing how vast and beautiful this country is. ( we are currently on our way to Coffs Harbour!) We are going to miss some ways about Australia, but we know it's the right time for us. I thought being stuck in a camper van I would struggle. However I love the freedom of seeing somewhere new each day. I feel incredibly lucky to be having this experience. I can genuinely say I am loving every minute of it!

2013 was a year for:
• seeing our best friends get married
• organising the hen party of the year.
• going home to the UK to reflect on what is important in life.
• starting our amazing Aussie road trip from Geelong to Cairns.
• seeing Jervis Bay & Caves Beach.
• visiting the Blue Mountains.
• losing one of the most important ladies in my life. My Nana. 
• losing my great uncle who was a major player in our tight knit family.
• celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Sydney.
• Visited the beautiful Tasmania.
• Discovered my love for Coffee!! 
• Quitting my job as a designer at Target to venture back to the UK.
• had my illustration work published in one of my favourite magazines 'White Magazine'
• created an illustration for 'Laura Ashley' for a re-release of their perfume.
• Had some work published in 'Shop Girl'.

So what have I learnt?

• That I could not do any of the above list without my Husband. I can not thank him enough for supporting me and getting me through the tough times. 
• That family is SO important to me. 
• That if your not happy, you need to re-evaluate what is important to you!
• Money does not bring happiness
• To not worry about what others think!
• To stick up for myself more! 
• Hard work does pay off eventually.

So there you have it! Last but not least thank you for reading and following along on the adventure. I love keeping this blog as it documents life as it happens and it's so nice to look back on as the years go by! Who knew I'd still be writing hey! I hope you have a lovely New Years Eve! See you in 2014!!!

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  1. Oh I'm sad you're leaving Australia, even though we have never met! But I'm glad you have this blog so I can keep up with what you're doing! Was so excited to see your work in White, when I saw it in the office I was like, 'Oh, Cathryn! She's my bloggy friend!', haha. Enjoy your holiday on your way back home. Best of luck, lovely x