Monday, 26 July 2010

Wedding Stationary

Its all over! My brothers wedding that is! Can't believe how quickly the day went, they had gorgeous weather and the day was so lovely. We as a family are so happy for Charlie to be apart of the family. She looked stunning to.

I wanted to show you the stationary I did for the both of them for their special day. I did their table plan, order of service, menus and table names. They had a beach theme wedding with teal and ivory being their colours. I had a week to do all of these, and was getting pretty stressed but I finished them all on time and they loved them thank god! 

I really enjoyed doing these though, and I am thinking of starting to do bespoke wedding stationary in my spare time, so if you are looking for bespoke stationary at an affordable price but high quality please contact me on to speak over your requirements and I shall give you a quote. 

Monday, 19 July 2010

Oh Deer

Oh deer! Is my latest illustration. Been meaning to finish this one for ages and finally got around to it!

Its less than one week to my brothers wedding. I can't wait! Lets hope the sunshine is out. Also I have some news, in less than a month I will be moving to the South of England as I have found myself a new design job. I will miss Plymouth so much as this is where my life, family and friends all are, but I am thinking of it as an adventure and a fresh start.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A/W 10/11 Trends

I thought I would put together a post of some of my favourite key trends this Autumn Winter so you can start preparing your wardrobe for the cold months ahead.

First up is sheepskin! You will be seeing it on flying jackets and boots. I really feel a popular style will be these sheepskin lined boots from Burberry Prorsum. I have seen a pretty good replica of these boots by New Look and can't wait for these to hit store as they are only £45. I mean who can't resist warm tootsies!

Next up is the Alpine Chic, with lots of fair isle knits and chunky cardies. I feel this trend is going to take over the high street this Autum/Winter. We shall be seeing lots of snowflakes and reindeers on sweaters, with deep tones of reds and creams with a faux fur boots and knit wear boot covers. This will be perfect for the snow bunnies out there. Personally I can not wait to get snuggled up these knitwear beauties.

There are so many other wearable trends coming through that I feel we will be spoilt for choice this coming season!!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Recent purchase: Miss Selfridge

At the weekend, I decided to treat myself to a new top in Miss Selfridge. Miss Selfridges is one of those places that when I go in, I either love or hate it! I was pleasantly surprised this time though and was loving all the vintage inspired pieces. I bought myself a lovely victorian inspired top (the middle top) for only £22! I think its an absolute bargain for such a beautiful top with lace yoke to the front and back!

I was also loving the vintage style dresses, and beaded crop tops which are perfect if you are a magpie like myself. And those shoes are to die for, with the over sized bow. They are cute with a capital C! 

All images courtesy of Miss Selfridge.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Valentino Click here to go and see the TV programme which was shown on BBC about Valentino and how his business works. Its an hour and a half of pure beauty!

The countdown....

Its wedding season as I type this, and in 2 weeks exactly it will be my brothers and future sister in laws wedding day. I can't believe how quick it has come around and I am very impressed with them planning it all in less than a year! 

I have had my bridesmaid dress fitted, and I am starting to walk around in my shoes to avoid blisters on the day! I am starting to regret the heels being pretty high, but beauty = pain right?!?! I also have two weeks to design and print off all the orders of service, menus, and table plan. I know right, panic stations but least I have an excuse for being quiet from the blogging world for two weeks.

Fingers crossed, touch wood etc, etc, it will be sunny!! It is a beach themed wedding, so would be silly not to have sunshine!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Wedding venue is finally getting booked!

I can't believe it! Me and Alex have finally sent off our booking form for a venue that we both fell in love with instantly. For a few days we thought we couldn't afford this venue but after realising that there is no where else we would rather get married we knew this had to be the place. 

I am keeping it under wraps for now, because it will be more exciting when its all revealed officially, but me and Alex are just suppppper excited and can't wait for May 19th 2012 to come around. As soon as our deposit has been banked, we are also booking our photographer who is absolutely amazing! 

Just look at that view though! And to think, the two times we visited this venue it was dark and rainy and we still fell in Love with it, so come rain or shine on May 19th 2012 we will have the most perfect day for us both!


I can not believe it it nearly a month since I have been on holiday. I have also been lacking on the blogging front so I apologise as the last few weeks have been pretty manic. I thought I would put up some holiday snaps though to remind me of relaxing and sunnier times.

Before I went away we found out that my Nan had got cancer again... this was pretty heart breaking news for my family, as it's not the first time to effect our family. In fact its pretty much the 6th time it has hit us. You could probably call our family Pro's at dealing and fighting Cancer! The whole family is rallying around and keeping strong. Its something as bad as cancer to make you realise that life is so prescious and family is the most important thing ever, and no matter how hard you think you have it there is always someone who has it worse!

My Nan is currently having treatment and is being massively positive, what with my brothers wedding less than a month (the countdown begins!) it is giving her something to aim towards and look forward to. I am very close to my Nan and I love her very much, she is one of the funniest people I know and she always puts a smile on my face.

The reason I am broadcasting this is because next time you see a Cancer Research charity pot, or any other related cancer charity, stick a few pennies in as you don't realise how much these charities actually do for the people suffering with this disease and their family!! Please!